The Awakening of the Etheric Heart and Christ as the Lord of Karma

Jun 03, 2023 12:00AM—2:30PM



Cost $15 (suggested donation)

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The heart, in the process of awakening human consciousness, can develop into a new cognition organ, going through the steps of imagination, inspiration, and intuition.

With imagination and inspiration, the “first” heart develops, which recalls all the past Wisdom (“hears the Word”) and gives birth to Christ in us (“Not I, but Christ in me”). With intuition, the “second” heart develops, which beholds the cosmos with Love (“speaks the Word”) and collaborates with Christ in the world creation process (“I’m the Way, Truth and Life”). These two relationships to Christ, lead humanity to a true understanding of its own totality in the world.

During the third step, the Christ being as the heart of the entire Cosmos, can enter in the human heart and radiate from within out into the world. This is part of the central event in the whole evolution of earth and mankind: the one-time deed accomplished by Christ as the Mystery of Golgotha. From there on, the New Mysteries are open to the human heart in the process of becoming a cognition organ. Wisdom will become Love.

In this way, the Christ sun radiating from within can make the law of karma transparent and transform it so that world and individual karma enter into a future mutual redeeming process.