The Art of Awakening Individuality: Why We Do What We Do

Feb 23, 2022 9:00AM—Feb 25, 2022 3:00PM


Online or in-person at Marin Waldorf School, San Raphael, CA

Cost $175

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With Keynote Speaker Michael Howard

As educators, we strive to prepare our children for the world as it is, and most importantly, as it can become when shaped out of our deepest ideals and aspirations. In a world that mocks and thwarts all idealism as unrealistic, we are called to intensify our efforts to awaken a creative spirit in ourselves, our children, and our communities in shaping our human future. How do we awaken creative spirit? Our current challenges appear in a new light when we consider Rudolf Steiner’s cryptic comment about the need for a rudder of education “to turn 180 degrees towards the artistic,” along side his view that “it is individuality that must work in the school… and Art is the awakener.”

In-Person Workshops
– Form and Flexibility – Sculpture with Ken Smith
– Awakening to Spiritual Perception Through Artistic Perception – Painting with Pamela Whitman
– Dancing Between the Too Much and the Too Little – Eurythmy with Renate Lundberg
– The Artistry of Early Childhood Work with Diane David and Anna Rainville
– Adaptive Leadership: Awakening Creativity in Leadership Circles with Kim Pendleton
– Renewing the Grades Curriculum with Kristine Deason and Jeff Loubet
– The Social and Practical Nature of a Waldorf School with John Bloom

Online Workshops
– Discover Your Why: A Personal Exploration of Purpose, Values, and Vision with Beverly Amico
– The Bridge to Green Pastures: Immunity and the Billy Goats Gruff – Storytelling with Nancy Mellon
– The Platonic Form Sequence in Clay with Patrick Stolfo

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