That Good May Become: A Festival of Initiative

Aug 10, 2023 ALL DAY


The Interlake in Manitoba, one hour north of Winnipeg, seven hours north of Minneapolis

Cost CA$530.29, CA$133.55; CA$636.09

Event Contact Kim Hunter | Email


A North-American Anthroposophical Conference in celebration of the centenary of the founding of the General Anthroposophical Society, organized by the Anthroposophical Society in Canada

August 10th to 16th we will be gathering near Winnipeg,
at the the sacred centre of the North American continent

At this important point in the biography of the General Anthroposophical Society, the Society in Canada is planning an important event for the summer of 2023. This celebration will take place at the centre of our continent in the Interlake region of Manitoba, an hour north of Winnipeg. This location is accessible not only for people from across Canada but also for those in the United States.

At the heart of this celebration is a question of what it means to take initiative in the broadest sense and to stride into the future consciously. Part of this process is to consider how the laying of the Foundation Stone in the hearts of members has been cultivated. How have we been able to realize the reality of the Christmas Conference as a Turning Point in Time? What are the imaginations that can be developed that will help guide anthroposophy into the future?

We will explore how anthroposophical initiatives, working in the wider culture and across the continent, can become bridges from anthroposophy to spirit-inspired people and endeavors both regionally and across the land. The development of the arts and reaching out to young people are critical for this bridge-building process. Together, we will ask: What are the imaginations that can be developed that will help guide anthroposophy into the future? Contributors from the Goetheanum: Dr. Constanza Kaliks and Dr. Peter Selg