Sun – Earth – Human: 100 Years of the Agriculture Course

Feb 07, 2024—Feb 10, 2024


Goetheanum, Dornach, Switzerland

Cost CHF 595 - CHF 395 - CHF 295 - CHF 195

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Sun – Earth – Human. This title contains the central idea of the anniversary conference: “From the sun through the earth for man – may man become sun for the earth.” It outlines an evolutionary path that leads us from the macrocosm through the work on earth to each of us – to make the earth’s future possible.

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In 1924, Rudolf Steiner developed the methods of biodynamics in his Agriculture Course.

In the eight lectures of the Course held in Koberwitz, we encounter the conceptual images and principles that form the basis of the worldwide biodynamic movement. At the Anniversary Conference in 2024, we take a look at these deep contents of the Agriculture Course.