Summer Retreat for Professional Eurythmists

Jul 14, 2024—Jul 21, 2024


Mettabee Farm and Arts, 551 Harlemville Road, Hillsdale, NY 12529

Cost $375 - $475

Event Contact Jeanne Simon-MacDonald | Email

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“Chaos, in a work of art, should shimmer through the veil of order.”
Novalis, from Heinrich von Ofterdingen

From 18 August through September  11, 1915, Rudolf Steiner gave the second eurythmy course, called The Apollonian Element. R. Steiner says of this course: “Until now we spelt. Now we will add to what has been learnt something that will deepen our work inwardly – where the portrayal of the word metamorphoses to the portrayal of the sense or meaning (Sinn).”

This course offers a wealth of material: apollonian forms, head and foot positions, rhyme forms, tones of the musical scale, the 12 moods, the cosmic measure among others, TIAOAIT, and all the geometric transformations! We will explore some of this material! Against this background, Dorothea Mier will guide us into working with the flute, accompanied by Richard LaLonde, professional wind player, and Natalia Shevchuk, pianist. Dorothea will offer Master Classes for those who have prepared a piece. Natasha Moss and Jeanne Simon-MacDonald will offer an afternoon workshop on elements of speech eurythmy. Claudia Fontana will offer an evening to engage with the beings of the planets.

On Saturday evening, July 20, 7 PM, we will offer a public Performance Collage with demonstrations from the retreat and contributions from participants!


Sunday, July 14         
4 PM Registration
6 PM Supper
7 PM Welcome and Opening of the Retreat with Artistic Contributions

Monday through Saturday July 15 to 20
9 to 10 AM                 TIAOAIT, Mercury Seal, Apollonian Forms
10 AM                         Snack
10:30 to 12 noon       Tone Eurythmy with Dorothea Mier
12 to 12:30 PM           Master Classes
12:45 PM                    Hot Lunch at Mettabee
3 to 3:45 PM               Tone Practice
4 to 5:45 PM               Sound – Form – Word – Meaning
with Natasha Moss and Jeanne Simon-MacDonald

Dorothea Mier grew up in England, attending Waldorf Schools. In 1954, she graduated in piano studies at the Birmingham School of Music. In 1958, she graduated from the Lea van der Pals Eurythmy School in Dornach, and went on to teach there for 17 years, performing with the Goetheanum Eurythmy Stage Group. From 1980 to 2005, she was the Artistic Director of Eurythmy Spring Valley, NY, leading both the eurythmy training and the stage group. Since her retirement, she has taught workshops and courses worldwide.

Richard LaLonde was born in Montreal in 1954 and has been an active musician for over 45 years. He plays saxophone, clarinet, flute, and recorders in baroque, Celtic, jazz, rock, and pop music. Richard studied at Concordia University and the University of Quebec in Canada, as well as the Berklee College of Music in Boston. He has performed internationally. Richard has a long-standing connection to Waldorf Schools and Camphill Communities, both as accompanist and performer.

COST: $375 – $475 for the retreat, snacks, and lunches. Bed and breakfast will be arranged locally at an extra cost. Camping is an option at Mettabee Farm as well as a Yurt or Cabin. Travel grants are offered through EANA. Apply directly to Gino ver Eecke at

REGISTRATION: Sue Hiertz at, 773-761-8240

Jeanne Simon-MacDonald at, 518-672-7367