Summer Pedagogical Eurythmy Refresher Courses

Aug 05, 2024—Aug 16, 2024


School of Eurythmy, 289 Hungry Hollow Road, Chestnut Ridge, NY

Cost $500 - $850

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Week One: Monday – Friday, August 5-9, 2024
Week Two: Monday – Friday, August 12-16, 2024

Register by August 1! Pre-registration is required!

Eurythmy Spring Valley is delighted to offer two weeks of pedagogy for professional eurythmists on our campus in August 2024, embedded in our pedagogical training courses. Each week will provide a different pedagogical focus and content for participants.

Week One: Monday – Friday, August 5-9, 2024

In Week One, you are invited to join John Holmes, a long-time eurythmy teacher, retired from the Kimberton Waldorf School, for a rich review of the pedagogical eurythmy curriculum for nursery/kindergarten through fourth grade. The course will focus on the when, the what, the why, and the how, of introducing the art of eurythmy as a means for aiding the healthy incarnation of the developing human being. The course will include how to strengthen the student’s coordination and spatial orientation in age-appropriate ways, as well as the social interaction of each class. For the younger classes, the story will be at the core of the work. Followed by a variety of ways to help with the nine-year change, and then how to meet the young adolescent with the beginnings of analytical thinking that appear in sixth and seventh grade.

Lynn Rappaport, from the Orchard Valley Waldorf School, VT, and Berkshire Waldorf School, MA, will also lead a study, reading and discussing Rudolf Steiner’s lectures from the Study of Man / Foundations of Human Experience. The Pedagogical Section Council of North America created a little book Entry Points ~ A Guide to Rudolf Steiner’s Study of Man, summarizing Steiner’s lectures that he gave to the first Waldorf teachers 100 years ago. Both books will be utilized in this course.

Week Two: Monday – Friday, August 12-16, 2024

In Week Two, Monday through Wednesday, John Holmes will continue to deepen the review of the Waldorf eurythmy curriculum for grades five through seven. Susan Eggers, retired class and eurythmy teacher from the Princeton Waldorf School, will review the 8th grade eurythmy curriculum and its important place in pedagogical preparation. Susan will also lead a study on the spiritual foundations of Waldorf education and the path of a Waldorf teacher, using the book “And Who Shall Teach the Teachers?” by Douglas Gerwin and material from William Ward.

On Thursday and Friday, Alexandra Spadea, high school eurythmy teacher at Rudolf Steiner School, New York City, will review the elements, forms, and accompaniments relevant to the high school work in the context of performance pieces, and some exercises and warm ups. Larger works, appropriate to high school, will be covered.

Each course will provide a review of pedagogical forms and their relevance for the period of childhood being studied, as well as themes from the curriculum, especially adaptable for use in eurythmy. We will also have time to share materials with one another and discuss topics of current concern and interest.

We are holding these pedagogical courses for the ESV students in their training, but have found that it’s enriching for everyone to have practicing teachers join the ongoing training as Refresher courses. So all are welcome!

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