Study Intensive of Rudolf Steiner’s “Towards Social Renewal”

Mar 17, 2023 ALL DAY


Viroqua, WI

Cost $100-$200

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Hosted by the Threefold Driftless Working Group and facilitated by Seth Jordan and Robert Karp

At the end of World War I, the Austrian spiritual scientist Rudolf Steiner was asked how to create the conditions for lasting peace and prosperity. The solution he brought forward is still the only viable one today — an approach to social change based on the lawfulness and living dynamics of the whole social organism.

He wrote and spoke about this approach in many places, though none more succinctly and powerfully than his book “Towards Social Renewal,” a work that the New York Times described as having “novelty and bigness as a contribution to sociological literature — the most original contribution in a generation.”

In order to better understand this approach to social transformation and community organizing, the Threefold Driftless Working Group will be hosting an in-person “study intensive” of the book this March.

Study intensives are a great way to see the whole arc of a book. We all read the book beforehand at our own pace, then come together for a weekend of lightening presentations, in-depth conversations, shared meals, and community building.


FORMAT: Everyone who comes is expected to have read the book. Then, during the weekend, participants who previously volunteered will briefly synopsize sections of the book so the whole group can then discuss them in detail. This process will be facilitated so that the whole tapestry of ideas can emerge over the weekend.

MEALS: Saturday’s breakfast, lunch, and dinner, as well as Sunday’s breakfast and lunch are included as part of the workshop. Dinner on Friday is a potluck (all are welcome to that meal, and we appreciate any contributions participants can make).

HOUSING: We will find affordable housing for anyone coming from out of town.

COST: Sliding scale $100-$200. (This includes meals, but not housing. We expect housing will cost between $20-$50 for the weekend.) Scholarships available upon request.

REGISTER: You can register here. (And if you have questions, please contact


Seth Jordan is a writer and organizer. He recently created a distance learning course in social threefolding ( and writes at

Robert Karp is a writer, educator, and consultant whose work is informed by the insights of Rudolf Steiner and social threefolding. You can learn more about Robert on his website at

—> And if you don’t yet have a copy of the book, you can find it online at SteinerBooks or the Book Depository.