Stories from the Fire

Mar 11, 2023 5:00PM—7:00PM


Philmont Studio, 110 Main St, Philmont, NY

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For three long days the students of the third cohort of the M.C Richards program brought life to their wood fired kiln till, by the third day, they reached 2400 degrees. The kiln was closed. All it’s openings bricked and cobed and now it sleeps. Waiting to be opened and for the anticipated forms to enter the world!

Every firing is a collaboration with the being of warmth, and every firing teaches us that life is about partnership, patience and devotion. We work hard, devotedly, to mix the clay and glaze, create new forms, bathe them in the transforming warmth of the kiln, and finally to birth them into the world, bringing from the kiln that which is belongs not only to our creative spirit, but also that of the earth, water, air and warmth.

Come celebrate the culmination of this work with our students at our end of Trimester gallery show! We will open our show 5pm-7pm at the Philmont Studio 110 Main St, Philmont, New York.
Refreshments, art, and conversation will abound. We hope to see you there.

After a long wait and much intention we are very excited to be finally opening our open studio times at the Free Columbia ceramics studio in the month of April. For more information, please contact Stefan Ambrose at