Stir & Spray Horn Manure BD500

Apr 22, 2022 4:30PM—6:30PM


Mettabee Farm & Arts, 551 Harlemville Rd, Hillsdale, NY

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AN AFTERNOON ACTIVITY BY GUNTHER HAUK, with a potluck and celebration to follow

What better way to celebrate in gratitude all the gifts we receive from Mother Earth than by giving something back to her through our active participation.

The preparation of the “Horn Manure” and “Barrel Compost” requires the addition of unique ingredients and the active stirring by the whole group taking turns for an hour, followed by the spreading of this enlivened water on the land here at Mettabee.

These preparations are a wonderful boost for both the visible and invisible soil life and a gift for the elemental beings engaged in growing all the delicious herbs, flowers and vegetables for our enjoyment and benefit.

We will start stirring at 4:30, gift the preparation to the gardens at 5:30, and finish off with a joyous potluck in celebration of the wonderful community of gardeners and friends at Mettabee.

Gunther will guide the activity and add a few things to further the understanding of the magic involved in the creation of these preparations.