Shifting Society’s Dynamics

Nov 12, 2022 9:00AM—12:00PM

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From Social Sickness to Social Health


This workshop is a prototype of a longer movement-building workshop being developed by Seth Jordan and Robert Karp, inspired by Rudolf Steiner’s social thinking. In this gathering, we’ll look at a number of pressing social issues with the help of a “kit” being developed for this purpose. 

Space is limited. There is no cost to attend, but donations are always welcome.

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How can we bring health to society? Only by consciously working out of its lawfulness, the wisdom of its inherent threefold nature (as described most clearly by Rudolf Steiner). We have to be able to perceive its full reality beyond the narrowness of our individual experience and opinions. This is no simple task. There is no agenda, no program, that will bring health. Instead, we have to learn to see the social world more deeply and continually strive to contribute towards its health. Any step that a person can take in this direction, however small, helps.

How every person does this will be unique. Seth’s work in threefolding has taken him, in the last few years, to writing a 12-lesson course called Transforming Society (, as well as a free bi-weekly newsletter on current events from a threefold perspective called The Whole Social (