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Nov 12, 2022 7:00PM


Windy Hill, County Route 21, Harlemville

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The Nature Mood Sketches of Rudolf Steiner

Amid the early 20th Century’s “Abstract Art” movements, Rudolf Steiner offered a new and different approach to the art of painting – a technique he called “painting out of the color.” 

In 1922, he created training sketches for Henni Geck, who led a painting school in Dornach, Switzerland, to further elaborate on what he meant by his suggestion. Gerard Wagner, a student of hers, took up these sketches and developed them into the basis for a systematic training in painting.

A detailed overview about the history, content, and how to work with the sketches artistically will be given, including practical painting demonstrations.

“Art is a revelation of sacred laws of nature
without which it would remain forever hidden.” ~ Goethe

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