Searching for the Spirit of America

Jan 14, 2024 11:00AM—1:00PM


ONLINE: Eastern Time (USA, Canada)

Cost $250.00

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The webinar will be a way to connect to the American folk soul through history and the spirituality that has unfolded throughout three millennia. It will aim at addressing the following questions:

  • How does America’s mission fit within the Michaelic Age? What does it have to contribute to it?
  • How can it be understood in the light of spiritual science?

The Methodology

  • A symptomatic approach to history and its boundaries and differences with conventional historical research
  • The imaginative language of myths and legends
  • The imaginative language of biographies

The Format

Subject to slight changes, this will be the basic session’s format:

  • 12 two-hour sessions
  • 2 mini-presentations (30’ to 40’) per session followed by questions to clarify and expand
  • 15’ open conversation
  • 5’ announcements and networking on webinar related themes (participants can announce what they have worked/are working on)

Material Covered

This is a general list of the themes, though there may be variations:

  • The Third Age of the Shamans in North and South America
  • The Turning Point of Time: Vitzliputzli, the initiate of the Americas at the time of the Mystery of Golgotha
    • Legends of North and South America
    • How did this event color the American Christ impulse
  • The Fourth Age in North and South America: Maya and Tiwanaku (Andes) cultures
  • The Fifth Age (Consciousness Soul) in North and South America: decadent and progressive impulses
    • Aztecs
    • Haudenosaunee
    • Incas
    • The Virgin of Guadalupe
  • In-depth look at the Haudenosaunee and their cultural revolution
    • How does it reverberate into the present
  • The American Revolution and Constitutional Convention: Freemasonry, B. Franklin, G. Washington, …
  • Birth of Twelve Steps as an Emblematic Spiritual Fellowship: the individual (12 Step) the group (12 Traditions) the Fellowship (12 concepts); the rebirth of Freemasonry
  • Lincoln and the Civil War; MLK and Civil Rights
  • Edgar Cayce’s spiritual impulse
  • American experiential spirituality and “social technology”
    • American spirituality in the context of Spiritual Science
  • America’s Mission in relation to the people of the Consciousness Soul
  • America’s Folk Soul and guiding spirit through the imaginative language of the Wonderful Wizard of Oz and the High Tor legend.

Logistics and Registration

The 12 sessions will be held on Sunday mornings 11:00 am EST from January 14th to April 7th.

The first session is free for those who are still unsure. The whole cycle fee amounts to $ 250.00 payable via PayPal to, or through personal check to Luigi Morelli.

For more info, contact Luigi Morelli at