Sacred Geometry as Path to the Astral World

Nov 19, 2022 2:00PM—4:00PM


ONLINE: Central Time (USA, Canada)

Cost $15 (suggested contribution)

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“We will always remain powerless in the higher world if we do not develop faculties that permit us to see in the higher world here, in the world of ordinary consciousness. The eyes we use for seeing in the physical sense-perceptible world develop when we are still in the womb. Similarly, we must develop super-sensory organs when we are still in the womb of the Earth so that we can be born into the higher world as seers. Mentally constructing the relationship of the third dimension to the fourth fosters inner forces that will permit you to see into real, not mathematical, four-dimensional space.” ~ Rudolf Steiner, The Fourth Dimension, 7Jun1905, GA 324a.

This webinar will focus on constructing that relationship. This will offer a foundation to projective geometry and offer insights into sacred geometry.

The event is organized by the program committee of Chicago Rudolf Steiner Branch.

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