Reshaping a World Movement

Sep 27, 2023—Oct 01, 2023


Goetheanum, Dornach, Switzerland

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A transdisciplinary working conference at which common challenges and questions of our time will be worked through, and artistic interventions, impulses for the future and encounters will be given space.

How can the work of Anthroposophy be renewed and strengthened in a rapidly changing world? After more than 100 years of its existence, what are the next steps? Together we want to reshape the world movement that emerged from Anthroposophy!

We invite you as initiators and co-creators inspired by Anthroposophy. We look forward to hearing different perspectives and questions from your anthroposophical work and are interested in your ideas and viewpoints on how the movement can continue, given the challenges and needs of our time.

We look forward to working together!

On behalf of the Goetheanum Leadership and the Executive Council
The preparatory team: Christiane Haid, Ueli Hurter, Constanza Kaliks, Johannes Kronenberg and in collaboration with the World Goetheanum Association, Andrea Valdinoci

To learn more about the impetus, context and goals of the conference, read the full invitation letter by clicking here.

The Goetheanum World Conference is an event that follows on from the 2016 World Conference and brings together people, institutions and organizations working from anthroposophy. The Goetheanum – School of Spiritual Science, the General Anthroposophical Society, the World Goetheanum Association and other partners are hosting this event.