Rejuvenating Our Forces with the Sound Circle Center

Feb 25, 2022 9:00AM—Feb 26, 2022 2:00PM


ONLINE: Pacific Standard Time (US)

Cost $150 per person; discount rates available for multiple participants from the same school or organization

Event Contact Mona Anastas | Email

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The Sound Circle Center for Arts and Anthroposophy, Seattle, WA, presents a February 2022 virtual conference:

  • Community discussion with Orland Bishop
  • Workshops for healing in biography, movement, and a space for sharing classroom practices with guest presenters Andrea Preiss, Rihana Rutledge, Betsy Weill, and Tommi Morgan
  • Healing with movement with Andrea Preiss
    With specific eurythmy exercises, we will find resonance between our center and the periphery. We will engage with restoring forces that surround and permeate us, and we will learn to strengthen our center to meet the tasks in our lives with joy and vigor.
  • Rejuvenation: Enlivening Forces of Light, Love, and Warmth for healthy sense of self in the pulse of our times with Rihana Rutledge
    Biography follows the human journey through the course of life events, transitions, and threshold experiences from birth to death. Every joy, sorrow, tear, laughter, and more are woven into the fabric of each person’s unique life story. Biography work can lead to insights, connecting us to threads of destiny of past events that we did not comprehend at the time. Exploring these events can support healing about who we are becoming and how we can take hold of these threads of destiny to make conscious choices about the future with hope and confidence.
  • A Space for Sharing: Navigating Fear, Anxiety, and Antisocial Forces with Parents & Students through Shared Stories with Betsy Weill and Tommi Morgan
    This is a space to share stories of current challenges, successes, and insights in your classroom and in your community. In this time of COVID where everything is so full of fear and anxiety, what changes, if any, are you seeing in the children and in the parents? How are you working with what you are experiencing in your classrooms and your school? How are you working with your own inner state?

Conference Registration

  • Per Individual – $150.00 ea.
  • Cost for Schools
    Schools with 2-4 participants – $125.00 ea.
    Schools with 5-10 participants – $100.00 ea.
    School with 11+ participants – $75.00 ea.

Last day to register is February 22, 2022

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