Reimagining the Future of Waldorf Education

Jan 31, 2024 6:00PM


ONLINE: Pacific Time (USA, Canada)

Cost $25 - $450

Event Contact Tiffany Lee | Email

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Encounter an indigenous wisdom that can support Waldorf education in its search for a new, life-centered future. Discover the breadth of change needed to truly move into a more inclusive non-Western viewpoint and deepen your understanding of the depth of harm perpetuated by colonialism. After ten years of collaboration and exchange with BACWTT, Roman Vizcarra is prepared to offer a deeper training for Waldorf teachers, to guide them into Andean culture and to show how ancient wisdom can guide us into better ways of teaching and working. Having co-founded and co-managed the Waldorf-inspired Kusi Kawsay Andean School in Pisac, Peru, Roman has a profound appreciation of the values that underlie Waldorf education. He has directly experienced how Waldorf education can benefit Indigenous people and will share his thoughts on how Waldorf education must evolve to be truly accessible and constructive to other cultures. Roman is an experienced ambassador for Indigenous groups and First Nations throughout the Americas and has worked for many years to encourage exchange, known as “tinquy” in Quechua.

Kusisonqolla chaskispa (Welcome): Introduction to the Program.
January 31, 2024 (6 pm PST)
Cost: $25

Session 1. Yapukuspa (Digging): The history and fundamental issues that lies beneath our present situation and require our attention.
Three online classes: February 7, March 13 & 20, 2024 (6 pm PST)
Cost: $450

Session 2. Tarpukuspa (Planting): Creating new personal perspectives, appreciating other value systems, generating change in Waldorf education.
In-person in the SF Bay Area, May 5 & 6, 2024
Cost: $450

Session 3. Wiñachispa (Tending): Experience the culture of the Andes. Visit ancient temples and sacred sites.
Visit Kusi Kawsay Andean school. In-person in Sacred Valley, Peru. August 1-10, 2024
Cost: TBD

Program structure: The program is designed to allow participants to gradually progress deeper into the issues and concerns. Participants must complete each session before continuing to the next.

Who is it for? This program is specifically created with Waldorf teachers and administrators in mind—those working in Waldorf schools who are seeking ways to bring positive change and support their schools in becoming less Eurocentric and more accessible to all.

Roman Vizcarra has worked to preserve and share his native Andean culture for most of his life. As a UNESCO-sponsored artist, he traveled throughout Europe, exposing audiences to Andean art forms. Together with his wife, Fielding Wood Vizcarra, they co-own and manage an inn, a restaurant, and a spa that showcase indigenous culture and Kawsaypaq, a tour operation offering immersive cultural experiences of Peru’s Sacred Valley. He is a mentor for a youth-led organic farm and a founding parent of Kusi Kawsay Andean School in Peru, which strives to develop respect of cultural and ecological diversity, and to honor the wisdom and dignity of Indigenous traditions, reciprocity, respect, and social justice.