Parzival and Feirefiz: Co-Creating a New Grail Mystery

Jun 19, 2023 1:00PM


ONLINE: Eastern Time (USA, Canada)

Cost $60 (suggested), $30 (youth & equity), $95 (supporter)

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Opening: May 22
Concert: May 26 at 2 pm ET/11 am PT
Session 1: May 29 at 3 pm ET/ 12 pm PT
Session 2: June 5 at 1 pm ET/10 am PT
Session 3: June 19 at 1 pm ET/10 am PT

Each session is 75 min via Zoom

Using the Parzival narrative as a foundation we will explore themes of light and dark within music and art. This workshop series will also explore questions around ritual, brother and sisterhood, inclusion, and race. How can ritual be a healing structure to build wholeness and inclusion in society today? The story of the Holy Grail, in this context, can be reimagined as a collective or collaborative social process- a journey to the Other- rather than a singular quest for individual enlightenment.

We will work with music, poetry, lecture, and biography work. This thought-provoking series will engage a multitude of voices from Orland Bishop, Christiane Haid, The Parcival Project, Emmanuel Vukovich, George Elliot Clarke and more!

Through engaging with the medieval tale of Parzival and his Black brother, Feirefiz, we will ask: how can ritual be a healing structure to connect with the ostracized Other and build wholeness and inclusion in our society? How can we reimagine the quest for the Holy Grail as a collective or collaborative social process, a journey to the Other?

The program consists of of three workshops, plus a live performance of The Parcival Project from the Goetheanum!

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*Interested in attending but not sure if you’re available? All sessions will be recorded and shared with participants within 24 hours.