Introduction to Anthroposophy for Young Adults

Aug 15, 2024


Aesch, Switzerland

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For Young People in Search of a Genuinely Human Way of Knowing

Anthroposophy develops a new way of thinking that transforms everything. By means of enhanced abilities, it finds the specific kind of knowing appropriate to each field of life, always leading to the sources. To date, its help has scarcely been noticed, let alone taken up. For this stream of cultural renewal flows out of the future into our present.

Today’s prevailing assumptions reduce the world, including us, to supposed component particles, which are thought to work with inexorable necessity (reductionism). Identifications are regarded as mere conventional labels, meaning that true beings do not exist, or at best are unknowable (nominalism). This causes illnesses in the soul, and in culture as a whole.

Therefore the world needs a genuine university, where you can learn living thinking. Until it comes about, take your education into your own hands, choosing your teachers wherever you may find them, and teaching yourselves as well. Any such beginning, however imperfect, sets a decisive deed.

On September 15th, 2024, a new learning initiative will begin in Aesch, Switzerland, near the Goetheanum: Introduction to Anthroposophy. It offers a full-time, one-year training for young adults 18 to 26 years of age, rich with examples of applied anthroposophy. As of April 28th, fifteen teachers have agreed to contribute, in addition to the undersigned.

The course will be in German, with interpretations in English as needed. The more German you learn, the better you can experience Rudolf Steiner’s use of language.

The day begins with work on the earth. Then come continual morning courses, and changing afternoon courses. The morning courses, continuing throughout the year, are:

  • Projective morphology (“geometry”) to prepare etheric perception
  • Fundamental writings of Rudolf Steiner, to free and enliven the thinking, especially The Philosophy of Spiritual Activity, eventually some of his lectures as well
  • Artistic exercises, after they have been introduced in the special afternoon courses

The changing afternoon courses are areas of applied anthroposophy:

  • Phenomenological study of nature, as a schooling of perception and thinking
  • The anthroposophical impulse in the various arts
  • The evolution of consciousness as the key to understanding cultural phenomena

The whole enterprise will require an estimated 137,600 Swiss francs in the course of the year.
The plan is to cover this partly by private donations, partly by grants, partly by the undersigned, and partly by student contributions. No one should be unable to attend for lack of funding.

If you would like to receive the forms for application, medical assessment, and references. They are due by August 15th at the latest, please write to Daniel Hafner at