Hiram Abiff and the Birth of Christ

Jan 03, 2023 2:00PM—4:00PM


ONLINE: Central Time (USA and Canada)

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During the Lemurian Epoch, as humanity fell from Eden to Earth, two soul gestures arose: that of Abel and that of Cain. These gestures led to the priests and the kings and later to the nativity stories of Luke and of Matthew. Long before these Jesus boys were born, a sacred temple was built according to the vision of Solomon. Hiram Abiff was called to build this temple. We’ll explore this mystery of Hiram Abiff, the building of the Temple, the Two Jesus boys, Lazarus, and where all this will take us in the future.   

Andrew Linnell is co-founder of MysTech, an Anthroposophical organization devoted to realizing the interpenetration of the moral and the mechanical, past president of the Boston branch. Retired after 42 years in the computer industry where he served as CTO and VP, his time is now spent with study groups, lectures, writing, gardening, and grandparenting.

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