High School Teaching Foundation

Oct 26, 2023 7:00PM—8:30PM


ONLINE: Australian Eastern Time via Sydney, Australia

Cost $150 - $1625

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Part-Time Course for Steiner Education Begins 27 July

July 27 – Sept 7 (Thursdays) 7pm – 8.30pm (AET)
Oct 26 – Dec 7 (Thursdays) 7pm – 8.30pm (AET)

In response to a growing call from schools around Australia, and, more broadly, what seems to be a global momentum, Sydney Rudolf Steiner College has been working closely with High School leadership to refine the High School Foundation course to meet the needs and challenges that many schools face in ensuring adequate Steiner training for their high school teaching staff, and in particular, for new teachers that are transitioning to Steiner education.

The new Part-Time High School Foundation course (HTF) will commence on 27 July, delivered weekly via online webinar. International students welcome!

This one year, part-time course aims to equip High School teachers with solid foundational knowledge of Steiner education, an understanding of child developmental phases from an anthroposophical perspective and how these inform the high school curriculum, covering all the central topics required for teaching in the Steiner High School. It explores theoretical, practical, and creative modules, providing a rigorous and comprehensive experience of Rudolf Steiner Education with the adolescent at the centre of the curriculum.

The course will be led by a staff of highly experienced tutors to guide students through a series of modules that include essential topics such as child development and transitions, the Main Lesson and Integrated Curriculum, the self-development of the teacher, with attention given to the teaching methodology of maths, science, and language.

In consideration of the pressures and time constraints placed on high school teachers, the course has been developed to ensure that students are able to cope with the course workload while maintaining a full-time teaching position. Students can enroll in individual modules to complete the course progressively and over a longer period if needed.

Course delivery is online via one weekly webinar, with two 3-day Seminars delivered in-person in Sydney. Additional in-person group lectures will be live-streamed for remote and offshore students.

We welcome and encourage high school leadership to contact us to discuss individual or group enrolment options for your high school teaching staff.

For more detailed information about the course, content, fees and enrolment options, please visit the website at https://sydneyrudolfsteinercollege.com/course/steiner-education-high-school-foundation/.