Hands In / On Earth

Jul 02, 2023 ALL DAY


Hudson, NY, and Detroit, MI

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“Hands In: Sowing Questions, Crafting Community, Forging Our Future,” July 2nd-7th, is a continuation of the Youth Section of North America‘s annual summer conferences. We will spend the first three days together getting to know each other’s work and deepening our relationship with upstate New York and the impulse toward sacred craft that is emerging in the young people there. 

On July 6th, we will collectively host a festival day that will be open to the community – both the local community in Hudson, NY, and the broader anthroposophical community in the New York area. We will share our work: academic, artistic, and dramatic, in a way that is accessible to all those who join us. We hope to host a wonderful festival for the community, both local and from afar, to get to know the inspirations of the Youth Section of North America.

Then, on July 7th, many of us will take a road trip to Detroit, Michigan. We will spend two weeks working with Bart Eddy and the Brightmoor Maker students and alumni to help to begin landscaping a playground nearby the school. This happening, which we are calling “On Earth: Hands On, Camping Out, Earth Tending,” will be a lengthy period of engagement with helping meet the needs of the Brightmoor Makers in their efforts. This project will be informed by the work of the late Johannes Mattheissen, who came several times to the area to bring the Spirit of Earth Healing practices to several plots of land nearby where we will be working. The invitation is to show up in a volunteering capacity anywhere between July 8th and 22nd. This will overlap in participation with the Elderberries “How We Will: Threefold Research Symposium,” July 20th-23rd.

Event Organizers include: Stefan Ambrose, Frank Agrama, Gareth Dicker, Ember Watson, Zoï Doehrer, Robbie Solway, Berenika L., Chris R. Questions can be directed to any of us, or directly to northamericanyouthsection@gmail.com

More Info Here: https://www.nayouthsection.org/calendar

We’re stoked to see you soon!