Geometry, the Imagination, and a Rhombic Triacontahedron House

Oct 27, 2023 6:30PM


Front Range Anthroposophical Café, 780 Quince Circle, Boulder, CO 80304 (U.S. Mountain Time, MT)

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The exploration of geometry is one of the powerful ways to awaken a sense of wonder in the student. However, mainstream geometry rarely realizes the full potential of geometry, and instead usually serves as a means for studying other fields of mathematics (such as using algebraic formulas for area and volume, learning the rules of logic and proof, etc.). Waldorf students experience “pure geometry” and develop their imagination as they picture the transformation of geometric objects. Jamie will focus on the 8th grade geometry topic of stereometry (which includes the Platonic solids), and lead us through a few imaginative exercises of metamorphosis. He will also share his own personal geometrical journey that has culminated in the construction of the world’s only rhombic triacontahedron house.

Jamie York is a Waldorf math educator, teacher-trainer, math missionary, and the lead author of Making Math Meaningful books. He spent 21 years teaching middle school and high school math at Shining Mountain Waldorf School (in Boulder, Colorado), and has also taught at a college prep boarding school in New Hampshire, at a university in Nepal, a Waldorf school in Holland, and served on the faculty at the Center for Anthroposophy in the Waldorf High School Teacher Education Program for 18 years. As a math missionary, Jamie traveled across the U.S. and internationally offering workshops for teachers so they can re-imagine mathematics and inspire their students. Jamie’s website, online math workshops, and books are resources for Waldorf teachers around the world. His latest creation is Jamie York Academy, which offers online classes to students in grades 5 through 12.

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