Geology and Minerology as World Breathing of Substance

May 16, 2024 7:00PM


Anthroposophy NYC, 138 West 15th Street, New York, NY

Cost $15 or best donation

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February 15 and March 14: The covid shutdowns led to the curtailing of David Anderson’s lecture series in 2020 with about four lectures not delivered. Picking up from that point, David will summarize essentials from the earlier material, and continue in February and March with examination of the polarity between calcium and silica. He will describe how the layers of rock are deposited from lower primal silica to upper calcium layers, making apparent that the solid earth, once an expanded living being that included all of the planets of our solar system, has now shrunken. The archetypal mineral, plant, animal, and human died and are now observable as the more or less dessicated compressed rocks, which we now see. David will discuss specific minerals and their places in the evolutionary ordering of nature, illuminating Rudolf Steiner’s ideas on Mineral-Plant, Plant-Animal, and Animal-Human Beings.

On April 18: The metals were deposited by the seven planets as seeds within the earth (when the planets of the older inclusive Earth left for outer space). Further discussions will encompass the seven Metals and their mother planets: silver, copper, quicksilver, gold, iron and its siblings (nickel and cobalt), tin, and lead. Cyanide, aluminum, and clay, antimony, and the homunculus in alchemy. Basilius Valentinus. Sulphur and volcanoes. Sulphur and the milky Lemurian protein atmosphere.

On May 16: Volcanism, granite, porphyry, trachyte, basalt, lavas, and meteors. The mineral composition of rocks. Feldspars and micas. The contribution of Metals to the colors of rocks. From the viewpoints of embryology and geology, Earth as a seed for the future.