Foundations in Healing through Art

May 28, 2024—Jun 22, 2024


ONLINE: Pacific Time (USA, Canada)

Cost $900

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Build a strong foundation in the anthroposophic approach to artistic therapy with step-by-step exercises in light, color and darkness, sculpture, and form drawing.

In this program, students will be guided into essential and foundational artistic practices, skills, and understanding that will provide a secure basis for further study. It also serves as preparation for our 3-year postgraduate program.

This program is especially intended to enable those who live far afield to take up anthroposophic artistic work. Students should be self-motivated and able to work by themselves using our distance instructional videos and assignments, and be interested in developing their own artistic practice. The program will build a secure foundation in the health promoting aspects of anthroposophic art and create the groundwork for further studies.

Program Format
At the beginning of each month, students will receive pre-recorded instructional videos and written assignment instructions in painting, light and darkness drawing, clay sculpture, and form drawing. At the end of each month, we will meet via zoom to review students’ work and provide feedback, share reflections, and prepare for the coming month’s work.

Schedules of zoom meeting days:
October 31, November 28, December 19, 2023
January 30, February 27, March 19, April 23, May 28, June 22, 2024

On each of these days, Pamela and Ken will be available in 1 ½ hour time periods to meet with groups of students. Students can sign up for one of these periods depending upon their individual availability and time zones.

Program Leaders

Ken Smith is the Director of BACWTT. He studied at Emerson College, England, and completed his training in sculpture and the visual arts with practices in pedagogical and therapeutic work. After working in Waldorf education, he taught as Course Leader of the 3-year Visual Arts and Sculpture Training program at Emerson College. He has been active internationally in Anthroposophical art and Waldorf education for over 25 years.

Pamela Whitman, M.A. received her B.S. from MIT, where she studied both science and humanities. She participated in the Light, Color and Darkness Painting Therapy training in Holland, and received her certification from the Medical Section at the Goetheanum, while also completing her master’s degree in Human Development. Her career and interests span the fields of science, art, spirituality, consciousness, psychology, healing, and education, all of which she incorporates as a therapist, international adult educator, and painter.

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