Finding Your Center in Body, Voice, and Soul

Jul 16, 2023 ALL DAY


Threefold Educational Foundation, Spring Valley, NY

Cost $845 (Early Bird by July 1), $895 (after July 1)

Event Contact Shannon Boyce | Email

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From Sunday, July 16, thru Friday, July 21, in Spring Valley, New York, Karen Coe of “Body Re-Education,” Shannon Boyce of “A Supple Voice,” and Lynn Jericho of “Imagine Self” are coming together to offer “Finding Your Center in Body, Voice, and Soul, a Centering Retreat. “

Spend 5 sacred days in community with others exploring the mystery of your center where you will discover new ways to restore your center and renew your balance in your body, your voice, and your soul. Join us for an adventure, an exploration, a time of discovery, delight, and surprise. Finding Your Center Retreat will renew and enliven every part of your being.

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As human beings, before we can go out and meet the world and understand the world, we must first find ourselves, find our center. This starts from the day we are born. We first find our body and then begin to move on our own, wobbling until we can walk. We then find our voice and begin to express ourselves, babbling until we can talk. And then we find our inner life and begin to think for ourselves, perceiving until we can say “I” out loud and feel full of ourselves. 

But throughout our lives, our body, voice, and soul meet challenges that throw us out of balance and we lose our center. We get stiff in our bodies and develop holding patterns and restrictive forms of movement. All too often we don’t communicate from our center. We are either too loud and over power our listener, or too soft and can’t be heard, so our communication gets lost. And in our souls, we don’t feel safe, calm, awake, or nourished.

Until you can find your center in your body, your voice, and your soul, you cannot experience the beauty of the extremes because you can’t regulate. All too often we are either too far in or too far out. It’s the paradox of attention. Our senses are so over stimulated by the age we live in that we get pulled from our center, paying attention to everything outside of ourselves and forgetting about who we are as individuals. Or we do the opposite, paying too much attention to ourselves and shutting out the world around us. Both are extremes of inattention and lack the center.       

To know your center is based on a real living experience of what it means to feel safe, calm, awake, and nourished. It’s about living in your personal realm of well-being where you feel energized, focused, and confident to go out into the world from your centered self but not your self-centered self. Remember wisdom, freedom, and love come from both the center and the periphery but until you find your center you will never find the periphery. Instead, you will just be stuck swimming around in an unproductive uncreative middle. The centered self is a balanced self that is full of light, warmth, tone, and lifeforce.

Ask yourself, “Do I need a sanctuary for recentering my being or do I need a womb from which to birth a new self?”