Finding a Folk Spirit Using the Twelve Sociologies

Oct 20, 2023 6:30PM


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New Zealand is part of the recently discovered continent of Zealandia, 94% of which is submerged under the Pacific and Tasman seas. Until about 1200 years ago, there were no terrestrial mammals, including humans, on the islands that make up New Zealand. Manfred Schmidt-Brabant’s mention of Twelve Sociologies at a Section of Social Sciences gathering in Dornach in 1983 have provided a basis for the New Zealand group to try building a picture of the Folk Spirit of New Zealand. This talk offers the opportunity to discuss these sociologies and ways in which they may guide spiritual research.

Lesley Waite is a recently ordained priest of the Christian Community Movement for Religious Renewal, and lives and works out of Wellington, New Zealand. She grew up in the Scottish settlement of Dunedin, New Zealand, and was blessed with as close to a classical education as one might receive in the twentieth century. Her interests have focused on work and research in education and anthroposophy. For over twenty years, Lesley has been a member of and contributor to the New Zealand branch of the Section of Social Sciences.

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