Eurythmy as a Personal Practice for Health and Well-Being

Nov 21, 2023 8:00AM—9:30AM


ONLINE: Pacific Time (USA, Canada)

Cost Suggested Donation: $10-$30

Event Contact Cynthia Hoven | Email

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We live in a time where there are many things that cause stress, inner tension so that we don’t breath fully and deeply. Maintaining healthy breathing through our whole organism can aid us in living amidst life challenges.

In these three sessions, we will work with a sequence of eurythmy gestures LAOUM that encourage a healthy balance of taking in and releasing, of enlivening and quieting so as to nurture our whole self as a breathing being.

Pre-Requisites: None, Beginner Friendly

All who have registered will receive links to the recordings afterwards!

All classes are offered freely, but you are encouraged to participate in our energy exchange. In acknowledgement of the widely varying financial situations of all people, there is no fixed price for this work, but we suggest a donation of $10-$30 for each eurythmy webinar.

Upcoming Series:
The Fourth Panel of the Foundation Stone Meditation in Eurythmy (December)