Emergency Pedagogy Lectures

Jul 05, 2023 7:00PM


Pine Hill Auditorium at High Mowing School, 222 Isaac Frye Highway, Wilton, NH

Cost $10 (suggested donation)

Event Contact Karine Munk Finser | Email

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You are invited for two evening events during Center for Anthroposophy’s Kairos Summer Residency 2023. On the opening night, Bernd Ruf will offer the keynote address, in which he will share the connection between Kaspar Hauser and the vital work of helping to restore the biographies of traumatized children and adolescents around the globe. Part of Bernd’s lecture on July 5th will feature recent crisis interventions, including in Ukraine.


Sunday, July 2 at 7:00 pm
Reception, Kairos Welcome and Keynote
Kaspar Hauser and the Emergency Pedagogical Impulse

Wednesday, July 5 at 7:00 pm
Evening Lecture
When the Unspeakable Happens:
How Emergency Pedagogy World Wide Helps
Children and Young People to Overcome Traumatic Experience

Suggested donation for this lecture is $10.
All are welcome! No one will be turned away for lack of funds.


Bernd Ruf is a well-known researcher in anthroposophical emergency and trauma education. His initiative, Emergency Education without Borders, is dedicated to addressing and healing trauma in children and adolescents in war zones and places struck by natural disasters around the world. His work includes countries like China, Indonesia, Japan, Gaza, Kirgizstan, Iraq, Nepal, Lebanon, Kenya, Ecuador, Chile, the Philippines, Columbia, Belgium, France, Germany, Mexico, Ukraine, Turkey. Restoring human biographies lies at the heart of this work. Bernd Ruf’s evening lecture at the residency this summer will feature recent crisis interventions.