Creating a Sacred and Healing Garden

Sep 09, 2023 10:00AM—2:00PM


Blossom's Farm, 2033 San Juan Road, Aromas, CA 95004

Cost $120

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Gardens of today are often reduced to their functions and designated as “ornamental” or “edible.” In commercial applications, gardens become further reduced to “landscape installations” with “plant materials” chosen for “low maintenance.” The long history of gardens tells a different story though. This history is rich in gardens as sanctuaries, sacred in their nature, places of healing and unique to the gardener who created them. Gardens were meant to be healing and rich in symbolism, evoking experiences that lifted the soul, spirit, and life of the people, animals, and plants that were a part of them.

This workshop will explore what it means to create a garden sanctuary of your own. Topics addressed will include:

  • Creating layouts that enhance energy flow through the garden
  • Choosing plantings that have harmonious connections to the planets and stars and that can enhance or diminish energies in the garden itself
  • Considering the classical four elements when laying out a design
  • The power of sacred forms
  • How to adapt existing gardens to enhance their sacred and healing qualities

No matter how small or large a garden is or can be, this workshop will have practical and potent tips for creating a harmonious experience for the senses and the soul/spirit aspects of our being.