Consciously Encountering Evil in Our Lives

Apr 19, 2024 6:30PM


Front Range Anthroposophical Café, 780 Quince Circle, Boulder, CO 80304 (U.S. Mountain Time, MT)

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Be Aware of Evil
We need to develop a discerning consciousness for recognizing evil. Using the concept of “fourfold consciousness,” a foundational principle in anthroposophy, provides the key to understanding all the mysteries of being human and being a unique individual.

Four Relationships with Evil
Using fourfold consciousness, the four distinct relationships humans have with evil will be shared. Each of these relationships carries a redemptive and Michaelic responsibility, which we must develop.

Clarifying the Terms
Before exploring these relationships, a crucial distinction will be made between “evil” and “counterforces.” It’s important not to confuse human experiences of evil with the more esoteric activity of counterforces.

What Are Your Questions, Thoughts, and Experiences
Please prepare for our conversation. Spend sometime reflecting on evil, your beliefs, your stories, your concerns, etc. We need to face evil, name its many forms, and learn why it is everywhere. Each of us has a deeply personal Michaelic challenge to consciously encounter evil.

Lynn Jericho devotes her thinking, feeling, and willing to the ancient admonition “O Human Soul, Know Thyself!” For thirty years, she has been counseling and mentoring individuals and groups on their paths to self-awareness, self-compassion, and self-expression. Her blog on has over 3000 followers. Since 2004, she has been guiding people around the world through the Holy Nights with her inspiring Inner Christmas Messages. Beyond Inner Christmas, Lynn has offered guides for Inner Advent, Inner Epiphany, Inner Lent, Inner Easter, and Inner Pentecost.

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