Beat the Devil!

May 04, 2024 7:00PM


Christian Community Church, 10 Green River Lane, Hillsdale, NY 12529

Cost Ticket: $12

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This Anthropos production brings to life Goethe’s timeless masterpiece, offering a fresh perspective on themes of love, temptation, and the human quest for meaning. Following its successful run at the United Solo Theatre Festival in New York, “Beat the Devil!” now arrives in Hillsdale, NY, for a one-night engagement.

This gripping one-man play, performed by professional New York actor Glen Williamson, promises an evening of profound storytelling and thought-provoking drama.

Glen Williamson’s performance promises to enthrall and inspire, as he skillfully navigates the complexities of Faust’s journey through a 90-minute exploration of love, desire, and the eternal battle for the soul. Through humor and exhilarating storytelling, Williamson invites us to reflect on our own pursuit of truth and fulfillment in a world fraught with challenges.

As Glen Williamson aptly describes, “Beat the Devil! is astonishingly pertinent to our time and our struggle to be human.” Don’t miss this opportunity to witness a masterful interpretation of a classic tale that continues to resonate with audiences worldwide.

Glen Williamson, a distinguished member of The Actors’ Ensemble and New Directions Theater in New York City, brings his wealth of experience and talent to the stage, embodying multiple roles with unparalleled skill and depth. His production company, Anthropos, is dedicated to celebrating the essence of humanity through the arts of theater and storytelling.