Awakening Christ in Our Midst

Aug 16, 2022 7:30PM—Aug 17, 2022 9:30PM


Rudolf Steiner House, 1923 Geddes Avenue, Ann Arbor, MI

Cost $20 - $50

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1. Tuesday Lecture, August 16
7:30-9:00 pm

A cosmic view of the connection of our twelve senses expanding to the twelve signs of the zodiac   

In Experiences From the Threshold, Are Thoresen writes of the corruption of the senses. Our physical body’s blueprint (and the “I” organization) is being attacked by adversarial beings.  How can healing of the senses support new spiritual organs as a response to these mighty adversaries in the physical body as well as those corrupting the human in the etheric and astral bodies?  The disruption of these senses and especially the Lower/Bodily Senses seems to be unnoticed until it is extreme.  In the future how will this impact the development of our spiritual senses?  How will this affect our ability to meet Christ in the etheric?

2. Wednesday Workshop, August 17
2:00-5:00 pm

Christ as the center point in “The Middle”

In his writings, Are explores human potential for spiritual knowledge and new spiritual experiences in our time based in spiritual science.  The experience of a healing circle is not to cure an illness but to experience the Christ consciousness in the Middle.  Consider the sculpture of the Representation of Humanity and how the Christ holds the balance between Lucifer and Ahriman.  Also note in the upper corner of this group is “Cosmic Humor”.  With Are we will experience a circle in celebration of the healing force of Christ.  The effect of the circle is in itself a teaching in how to divide the three soul forces of thinking, feeling and will which aid us in the crossing of the threshold with our “I” consciousness. 

3. Wednesday Potluck and Rest, August 17

4. Wednesday Lecture, August 17

Practical ways to activate the Christ Consciousness

The evening lecture will explore Are’s insights into the three Elemental Realms that he gained during his long, slow recuperation from Covid in 2020.  This is a way to reach the etheric realm of Christ.  He will address how this is connected to concerns about harmful emissions from devices we use or are exposed to every day.  By finding the Christ point in such objects, we can then activate the Christ force that exists in the world even within such technological devices.

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Evening Lecture 8.16, $20
Evening Lecture 8.17, $20
Wednesday Workshop 8.17, $30
Both lectures and workshop, $50

We are committed to making these lectures and workshop accessible to all who would hope to attend.  If you feel the suggested amount is more than you can budget for, please send a note to

Are Thoresen, MVD, will explore insights into the Three Elemental Realms that he gained while incapacitated by Covid in 2020. Since 1981, Are has operated a holistic private veterinary practice in Sandefjord, Norway. He has also trained in acupuncture, homeopathy, and anthroposophical medicine. He has published over 25 papers and 10 books and given lectures and workshops about his research at various venues including MysTech conferences. Are’s current research has focused on Vidar and Balder, who stand as guardians to the threshold of the outer etheric world to open the Northern Way of Initiation. His research covers the Vidar-school as a continuation of the Michael-school, the Christianization of bio-dynamic agriculture, and the individual qualities of the Three Elemental Realms. In his works, Are explores human potential for spiritual knowledge and new spiritual experiences in our time.