Art Dispersal at Lightforms Art Center

Feb 25, 2022 3:00PM—Feb 27, 2022 5:00PM


Lightforms Art Center, 743 Columbia Street, Hudson, NY 12534

Event Contact Laura Summer | Email

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Paintings by Laura Summer and Leif Garbisch, with Accompanying Poems by Mary Szybis

In this art dispersal, there are 24 paintings by Laura Summer that were done in relation to poetry by Mary Szybist, and 7 photographs by Leif Garbisch. All work is framed and ready to hang. Art pieces can be shipped. Paintings may be seen by clicking here.

The art can be seen at the current exhibit, which opened on January 21. They will be dispersed in the Art Dispersal on February 25-27, 2022 (Friday, 3 pm-7 pm and Saturday/Sunday 11:30 am – 5 pm).

An Art Dispersal is an event where we hang up original works of art and invite people to become their stewards. They can take a piece home, keep it for as long as they like, as well as return it to the artist if they no longer want to keep it. Stewards are offered an opportunity to make a contribution to Lightforms Art Center. Contributions support the artists as well as Lightforms Art Center.

If you wish to reserve a piece ahead of time, you may do so by contacting Laura Summer at or 518-653-2350.

Free Columbia has run 16 Art Dispersals over the past 9 years, with over 750 paintings (as well as other works of art) dispersed to stewards in Hudson, Philmont, Spring Valley, and Manhattan, NY, Eugene and Portland, OR, Los Angeles, CA, New Orleans, LA, and Jarna, Sweden.

In today’s art-world, we are faced with a challenge of accessibility. Original artwork is inaccessible to most people because they simply can’t afford it, and adequate financial support and exhibiting opportunities are often difficult for artists to access. Art Dispersals are events aimed at increasing accessibility in both directions, allowing people the opportunity to have original artwork in their homes while also supporting artists, and inviting us to think differently about how we experience and share art. 

At an Art Dispersal, original works of art are hung and displayed, and people are invited to become their stewards. This means they are invited to find a piece that speaks to them and to take it home, and in turn they are invited to make a contribution in support of the artist’s work. Contributions are made on a sliding scale, ranging from $0 to whatever the artist would sell it for directly. Stewards are then able to take a piece home, keep it for as long as they like, pass it on to someone else, or return it to the artist if they no longer want to keep it. They are asked not to sell it, and so the artwork is essentially de-commodified.

This is a radical de-commodification of art! Artists leading the way to a new future!

Come see what happens when we ask people to support the conditions for creativity instead of purchasing artwork, and see what it’s like to live with original artwork. View an informational video by clicking here.