“And ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free”

May 28, 2023 3:00PM—5:00PM


ONLINE: Central Time (USA, Canada)

Cost Free ($15 suggested donation)

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The proliferation of propaganda, misinformation with the help of social media AI, and the challenging need for discernment and clarity of thinking. The need to awaken living thinking by raising it to the level of imagination. This becomes a necessary step due to having collectively crossed the threshold and having to deal with the forces of the abyss, which gives rise to fear that is all too often projected outwards, such as happens with political polarization and enemies in war. Mario Bettie used the term “Battle for Imagination” and Nick Thomas “The Battle for the Etheric Realm.” The need to expand our consciousness to experience our Cosmic Nature brings with it the temptation to embrace science fiction, which would include aliens and UFO’s rather than the engaging with the divine messengers of the Second Coming in the Etheric, the members of the third Angelic hierarchies that embody the Holy Spirit that was epitomized in the flames of fire expressed in the Pentecost event among those gathered in the upper room. The archetypal picture has the disciples gathered around the Maria-Sophia where one can see the Russian-Slavic future-oriented group soul preparing the 6th Sophian-Aquarian Age shines through.

The event is organized by the program committee of Chicago Rudolf Steiner Branch.
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