Achieving Holistic Health through Anthroposophical Medicine

Aug 10, 2024 11:00AM—Dec 14, 2024


ONLINE: Eastern Time (USA, Canada)

Cost $90 per 3-hour session

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February 10, 2024 – December 14, 2024
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This course is taught by Kelly Sutton, MD. Following her residencies, Dr. Sutton practiced family medicine for over fifty years, using knowledge from conventional and integrative medicine guided by the understanding of the human being through the work of Rudolf Steiner. She is grateful to have learned from her patients, her two sons and two grandchildren. She practiced until her medical license was revoked for writing eight vaccine medical exemptions by the state of California in 2022, and by Massachusetts and New York in 2023. See for this story, its relation to other doctors’ experience with regulators, and their legal cases. Dr. Sutton wants to share what medicine and anthroposophy have given her with those who seek to learn.

Any one or more classes: $90 per 3-hours
Discounted package deal includes: All 10 classes at $75 per 3-hours

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Feb 10, 2024: The healing work of anthroposophic medicine: theory underlying practice

March 9, 2024: Path to healthy children: Pre-conception detox, pregnancy, breastfeeding, vaccines

April 13, 2024: The growing child’s world: finding normal health and development in a culture of stress

May 11, 2024: Contrasting acute and chronic illness, implications and practical care

June 8, 2024: Shifting the focus to adult medicine: stages of life and health, aging, death

July 13, 2024: Heart disease and soul diseases approached anthroposophically

August 10, 2024: Empowering the Liver to handle toxicity; digestion understood anthroposophically

September 14, 2024: The lungs and respiratory illness; musculoskeletal disease and trauma

October 12, 2024: Kidneys, stress, endocrine glands, diseases and treatments

November 9, 2024: Cancer, warmth, and coldness; the role of integrative treatments

December 14, 2024: Reviewing our progress thus far, from Flexner to the future of healing