A Taste of Transformation through the Planetary Soul Styles

Jan 19, 2024 6:30PM


Front Range Anthroposophical Café, 780 Quince Circle, Boulder, CO 80304 (U.S. Mountain Time, MT)

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Taught with clarity and integrity, Jennifer Goodman and Laura Embrey bring a unique and powerful approach to personal transformation and soul development based on Steiner’s model of the seven soul styles, or planetary forces. This work brings us into alignment with the gifts of the planetary spheres through illuminating talks and discussion, along with Laura’s form drawing, which supports our efforts to draw on the strengthening characteristics of the soul styles. Students have found this to be a valuable self-development path, bringing more consciousness and flexibility within themselves, as well as more connection with others.

*Supplies needed: A4 size paper (or regular printer paper of 11” x 8.5”), set of assorted colored pencils, a graphite pencil (number 2 is good) with an eraser, a desk or flat space for drawing; an area for movement (this can be just large enough to take a few small steps and stretch out the arms). Paper for note-taking is also helpful!

Jennifer Goodman, M.Ed., is an anthroposophically based counselor, weaving together therapeutic approaches in her sessions. With over 20 years of experience, she supports adults, children, and teens in their self-development and relational wellbeing. She brings a powerful connection to the teachings of Rudolf Steiner and the Waldorf world through her deep work with Steiner’s planetary soul styles, Waldorf-based parent coaching and child counseling, and Social Inclusion work with schools and children. In addition to a master’s degree in education and anthroposophical counseling from Antioch, N.E., she is a certified Waldorf Collaborative Counselor, a Magic Makers Coach, a Simplicity Parenting Coach, and a Social Inclusion Coach. Jennifer’s robust background also includes Biographical Counseling, Social Mediation, Kashmir Shaivite and Vedantic philosophy and meditation, and therapeutic arts. She loves helping people find the questions that will carry them forward.

Laura Embrey most recently worked at Camellia Waldorf School as Pedagogical Director. Previous to this, she worked at a Waldorf-inspired charter high school George Washington Carver, where she taught English. Before this, Laura worked at Sacramento Waldorf School in both lower and high schools. She has both a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree from the University of California at Berkeley. She has published nine form drawing books and one novel. She serves on the board of trustees at Camellia Waldorf School and teaches online form drawing workshops to adults all over the world. She lives with her husband David Wiant and their beloved cat in Fair Oaks, CA.

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