A Path from Johnstide to Michaelmas

Aug 11, 2023 6:30PM


Front Range Anthroposophical Café U.S. Mountain Time (MT)

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Johnstide takes us back to the “prequel” of Christ’s life on earth, confronting us in the Here and Now with his call “Metanoia,” or transform your hearts and minds. Michaelmas can project us squarely into the present and awaken our determination to carry the Christ light into the future. How do we get from the one festival time to the other? The Scripture readings in The Christian Community in this period of transition can offer a clue, or two.


Born and raised in Joplin, Missouri, as a devout, active Presbyterian, Craig Wiggins wandered about in several spiritual directions before landing at the The Christian Community in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, in 1987. With the support of that community and his young family, he attended the Priest Seminary in Stuttgart and was ordained in Amsterdam on March 29, 1992. After serving the Dutch communities in Amsterdam, Arnhem, Zutphen, and Groningen, he responded positively to a call to North America in 2009. Since then he has served in Devon, PA, San Francisco, CA, and Chicago, IL. Since April, 2019, he has been serving as Lenker (regional coordinator) for The Christian Community in North America. Craig has been a member of the Anthroposophical Society since 1985, the School for Spiritual Science since 1990.

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