A New Arts Initiative: Come Join the Conversation and Help Co-Create the Becoming

Jan 12, 2024 6:30PM


Front Range Anthroposophical Café, 780 Quince Circle, Boulder, CO 80304 (U.S. Mountain Time, MT)

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This is a call to all kinds of artists – visual artists, writers, podcasters, watercolor, lazure, waldorf teachers, bee-keepers, knitters, felters, gardeners, actors, story-tellers, puppet and doll makers, sculptors, jewelry designers – who feel inspired by anthroposophy. Come to discuss new ways we can work in community together.

Kristena West, M.A., is a social and community artist, life coach and teacher. She curated her first art exhibit when she was 17 years old – she hung the college gallery floor to ceiling with art made by all the students who were “not the teacher’s pet” – called Salon de Refuse. She spent many years working in high-end art galleries and learning the world of “art,” which eventually led to selling hundreds of art pieces online and then creating her online fashion store of 23 years.

She has written two books: Alchemy the Magical Arts of the Union of Soul and Olaf Asteson. Kristena has been an admin on Facebook’s Anthroposophy & Arts, a working group, for many years, and she has there listened to the hearts of the artists, what’s working and/or not working as an “anthroposophical inspired artist.” Kristena curated Deities Dialogues & Dreams: Extraordinary Conversations with Ordinary People exhibit and Dolls for Peace: Kids in Need of a Cuddle, a year-long community arts project for Children’s Hospital Oakland, California. She is a council member of the Visual Arts Section of Spiritual Science of North America. Learn More: KristenaWestArt.com

Up-Coming Café Guests
Please watch for special Saturday Cafés
as we periodically will hear from Café Guests outside of North America!

January 19: Laura Embrey & Jennifer Goodman

January 26: Doug Miller

*Feb. 3: Angus Jenkinson from the UK
(First Saturday)

Feb. 9: Lynn Jericho

Feb. 16: Harlan Gilbert

Feb 23: Alice Stamm

*Mar. 2: Anne de Wild from Switzerland
(First Saturday)