A Magical Musical Mystery World Tour

May 06, 2023 8:00PM


Threefold Auditorium, 260 Hungry Hollow Road, Chestnut Ridge, NY

Cost $18 (regular), $12 (students and seniors)

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Benefit for the 4th Year Eurythmy Dornach Fundraising

The world of music is as rich, diverse, and extraordinary as that of languages. Indeed, anthropologists and ethnomusicologists have never identified a society that does not have some form of musical expression. Music sculpts our organs, reflects our folk souls and shapes our identities. The evolution of musical traditions runs parallel to that of human consciousness. Many corners of the world have preserved certain musical footprints that are an integral part of our lineage. From the frenetic rhythms of Pacific drumming and Indonesian gamelan to the haunting harmonies of polyphonic folksong, and from “found” environmental music to curious handmade instruments, this presentation will showcase unique musical traditions from around the world and introduce under-represented cultures whose musical languages – scales, harmonies, tonality and rhythms – are rarely heard in the West, providing a feast of sights, sounds, and soul nourishment.

Nick Wheeler is an Antipodean refugee who escaped from a country with five times as many sheep as people and eventually washed up on the shores of the Hudson River, after a 25-year detour to China. After graduating from Victoria University of Wellington with a Masters of Music in Ethnomusicology, he moved to China in 1990 to learn the language and conduct research into the music of minority nationalities that populate the border regions. Having abandoned dreams of making a fortune with a doctorate in music and instead making a living as a business executive, Nick moved to New York with his family in 2015 so his children could attend Green Meadow Waldorf School. He currently serves as the Director of External Communications for The Salvation Army USA Eastern Territory.