A Conversation Exploring What Educating “The Whole Child” Means in Day-to-Day Practice

May 04, 2024 1:00PM—4:30PM


Mettabee Farm, the Hive, 551 Harlemville Road, Hillsdale, NY

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The Research Institute for Waldorf Education (RIWE) invites you to explore the question: How might recent research radically alter the North American educational landscape?

Join with the trustees of the Research Institute for Waldorf Education on May 4, 2024, from 1:00 to 4:30 pm at Mettabee Farm, the Hive, 551 Harlemville Road, Hillsdale, New York, for a lively conversation exploring questions surrounding Education. No keynotes, no complaints, just honest conversation about how we serve children best, including illustrious people from many different streams of education, and YOU!

Engage with RIWE’s international Board of Trustees in beautiful environs, with refreshing conversation, musical offerings by Gili Melamed Lev (Artistic Director of Jazz and Classics for Change), and stimulating refreshments.

For information, contact Patrice Maynard at RIWE (518) 828-9999 or patrice@waldorf-research.org

Recent research demonstrates the value that sleep, rhythmic movement, play, music, drawing, drama, and dance bring to deep and lasting learning. As part of its meta-research into these findings, RIWE invites you to help us address these questions:

  1. How can education best incorporate this research into practical applications?
  2. Which practices nourish a child’s soul and spirit — and what’s the rightful place of
    digital technology in the context of these practices?
  3. What can Waldorf educators learn from public school partners, and vice versa?

Join RIWE for thoughtful conversation concerning these and related questions. Sparks of ideas transform pedagogical practice when shared together — genius lives amongst us! Writings by RIWE board members, many of whom are published authors, will be available as examples of Waldorf education’s approach to these and other questions concerning childhood and education. If you have published on educational topics, enhance the conversation with your book(s), as well!