7th Annual MysTech Conference 2023

Aug 09, 2023 ALL DAY


Pine Hill Campus at High Mowing School, Wilton, NH (in-person and online)

Cost $175 - $295

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Resonance as a Bridge between the Spiritual and the Physical

MysTech is dedicated to driving positive change for our future by raising the awareness of the role that technology has in our society and in human evolution in the light of spiritual science. The past century has witnessed astonishing advances in technology that have impacted our day-to-day lives, health, and consciousness in profound and unexpected ways. When we consider the impact of technology in the context of our evolution as both physical and spiritual beings, how might it contribute to our future? Will continued advances in technology be a benefit or a burden for the potential of humankind? How must we respond to modern technological developments in order to shape the future towards the good?

In this conference, you will gain new insights about the mysteries of technology from the perspectives of spiritual science through the original research of our distinguished speakers across a broad range of disciplines. You will also gain a new appreciation for social three-folding, biodynamics, eurythmy, and more, and learn how these methods and thought-forms can help us to meet the coming challenges of the modern age.

August 9 – August 12, 2023

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Lineup of Speakers with fascinating topics, such as…
Resonance as a Revelation of the Logos • Quantum Entanglement and Wave Particle Duality • Expanding Our Cymatic Perception • The Resonance of Moral Qualities • Human Resonance • From Atoms to the Avogadro Number • Aspects of Listening • Life, Resonance and Spirituality • De-Mystifying The Three I’s • and much more…

Dr. Linda Gadbois, Spiritual Scientist & Metaphysician
Jeff Volk, Science of Cymatics, Poet, Producer and Publisher
Monique Pommier, PhDE, Psychospiritual Counselor, Independent Researcher
Michael Howard, Artist, Lecturer & Author
Harald Hobelsberger, CEO Lautsänger, Director of the School of Cymatics
John Rollinson, Craniosacral Therapist, Eurythmist
Dr. Christoph Broens, Physicist, Anthroposophical Physician
Walter Alexander, Medical Journalist
Gopi Vijaya, PhD, Physicist in Solar Energy
Daniel Perez, Computer Scientist
Prof. Valdemar Setzer, Retired Professor of Computer Science at the University of São Paulo, Brazil
Are Thoresen, DVM, Author, Veterinarian, and Acupuncturist
Andrew Linnell, Board Director of MysTech
Doug Smith, Molecular Geneticist
Jim Steil, Electrical Engineer / Waldorf Teacher
Ralf Tita, PhD, Engineering, Product Management for Lautsänger