Webinars & Events

Webinars, Current & Recorded

Initiatives out of anthroposophy work deeply with life's opportunities and challenges, and our growing webinar stream (most are available recorded after the live event) reaches into health, education, the environment, the course of our lives, the meaningful year, self-development, community and society.



Gathering with people of like minds and hopes is a peak experience. April 2018 brought our first conference on The Sacred Gateway: “Conscious Living, Conscious Dying, and the Journey Beyond.”

2018’s fall conference in early October taps into the 300-year-old spirit of New Orleans. “Here and Now: Transforming Ourselves, Transforming Our World” is a chance to empower each other for these two great works of being human. Learn more online.

Other big events across North America may focus on health, biodynamics, or education. Check the calendar.

Local Events

There are hundreds of local and regional events across North America every year, many listed on our events calendar.

Check with local groups to find more talks, workshops, and weekly/monthly study groups where fresh insights come from others' questions.

Every gathering is a chance to meet others waking their potentials and striving for a future that is really worthy of us.

Worldwide Theme of the Year

Each spring from the Goetheanum is offered a focus of study and research that groups and individuals may choose to work with around the world. Still commonly called a “theme of the year,” this annual motif is now exploring the great meditative picture of the human soul given by Rudolf Steiner in 1923.

Reaching to beings of consciousness above and below us, it encourages us to deepen memory, intensify mindfulness, and extend our envisioning. A helpful booklet on this “Foundation Stone Meditation” is available in our store.

being human

Our magazine being human reports on “personal and cultural renewal in the 21st century.” Departments include

  • initiatives, from trainings to intentional communities;
  • arts & ideas, including a visual arts gallery;
  • research & reviews of notable books,
  • and news of the Society, including biographical sketches of individuals who have died.