What Day is It? Learning to Read the Signposts of the Week in You Life

Feb 14, 2021 1:00PM—4:00PM


ONLINE - Eastern Time US

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Online workshop with Ann deWild & Chris Burke
What’s in a week? Maybe it’s a question you haven’t thought much about before. But as the outer circumstances that give the week its structure like work and school have been upended in recent months, perhaps you have felt disorientated or out of balance – a feeling of being lost in time. When week after week is disrupted in this way, we can begin to feel that our life in general is affected. How is the concept of a week connected to life as a whole?
Starts March 14
Over eight online sessions, we will dive into the concept of the week, explore how the days of the week live in our personal experiences, and see what strength can be gained from this basic rhythm that is always there but seldom noticed. Combining self-reflection activities, discussion, and sharing with others, we will build up a picture of each day and its connection to phases in life.
In these arhythmical times, can you rediscover your own rhythm and gain strength to step into the unknown future of your life?