The Threshold to the Spiritual World

Mar 14, 2021 12:00AM—Apr 18, 2021 1:30PM


ONLINE - Eastern TIme US

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An Online Workshop by Karsten Massei
(with translation into English by Ines Kinchen)
6 Sessions: Each Sunday from 12:00pm – 1:30pm Eastern
March 14th through April 18th, 2021
Sliding Scale Contribution: $60 – $150
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  • ~ Nature Beings and Humanity ~
  • ~ The Practice of Supersensible Perception ~
  • ~ The Thresholds of Birth and Death ~
  • ~ The Human Soul and Gifts from the Spiritual World ~
  • ~ Individuality and The Being of the Inner Child ~
  • ~ Wounds of the Soul and their Transformation ~
  • ~ Deepening the Perception of the Other ~

The present time is gifting momentous tasks to the individual
human being. We are each confronted with new life circumstances that
demand inner knowing and courage, and meaningful questions
arise. The soul forces, which can help the individual gain new
insights and make decisions, are near and available. Certain
phenomena make us aware that the spiritual world is standing
by and speaking to the human being in a new way. In this workshop we will work with the current questions and tasks of our time.

We will begin with the concepts in Karsten’s book, The School of
the Elemental Beings, which describe the relationship of humanity
to the multitude of nature beings. The moment we enter into a
conscious relating to these beings, the Earth begins to reveal
herself more clearly as a living organism. Simultaneously, we
begin to see our own soul and individual spirit in a different

To not lose our path in today’s hectic, contrasting world requires
the recognition of our own Individuality. It is only when we learn to orient to our very Self, that we gain the strength to remain unrattled by outer circumstances and instead develop creativity and new solutions.

Encounters with the threshold to the spiritual world bring rise to
questions for which we may not feel prepared. Exchange with
others who find themselves in similar situations is very helpful.
Many personal questions find their answers when being shared
with others. One motive of Karsten’s work and this workshop is to practice
various forms of social sharing that empower people to remain
in freedom… so very needed for personal development.

Each meeting will begin with a reading or short lecture by
Karsten, followed by questions and discussion. The sessions will
last approximately 75-90 minutes. Karsten will also give
meditations to be practiced between meetings.
Participants may email their questions in advance.
To register, please email

Born in 1963 in Berlin, Karsten trained as a curative-education teacher in Switzerland where he has lived for more than 30 years. For many years he has used his supersensible capacities to research the world of elemental beings with particular emphasis on the animal world, trees, medicinal plants, death and transformation, and meditation. In particular, he has a  love for bees and works with beekeepers as well as giving seminars on bees and beekeeping. He has also written a book on the subject (The Gifts of the Bees, 2014 untranslated), while his interest in healing the landscape involves him in “dialogues with the earth”.