Sacred Hospitality: Sacraments for our Futures, with Orland Bishop (CfA Renewal Course)

Jul 04, 2021—Jul 09, 2021



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We are honored to welcome Orland Bishop for this much-anticipated virtual course:

More than ever, we recognize how connected we all are. And even as we maintain “social distance”, the space between us is in a constant state of becoming. Reality is not finished. Whether consciously or unconsciously, each one of us is contributing to the development of our shared future. In this course, I would like to invite you to engage in Sacred Hospitality–the higher shared purpose of human Love and Life. Together, we will explore how the conscious engagement of our heart forces can give rise to the state of grace, peace, and reverence for life that can bring about the healing of our world. The initiative before us, for a more conscious world future, is to love what we have been given and trust that where there is need in our communities and our world, our will is being called upon to develop and become part of the answer. Are we willing? Welcome!

Orland Bishop is the founder and director of ShadeTree Multicultural Foundation in Los Angeles, where he has pioneered approaches to urban truces and mentoring at-risk youth that combine new ideas with traditional ways of knowledge. ShadeTree serves as an intentional community of mentors, elders, teachers, artists, healers, and advocates for the healthy development of children and youth. Orland’s work in healing and human development is framed by an extensive study of medicine, naturopathy, psychology, and Indigenous cosmologies, primarily those of South and West Africa.