Moving Forms / Dynamic Balance

Apr 09, 2021 11:30AM—Jul 03, 2021 5:00PM


LIGHTFORMS GALLERY & ART CENTER 743 Columbia Street, Hudson, NY 12534 Friday - Sunday 11:30 - 5pm

Cost Free

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Richard Erdman, Michael Howard, Henry Klimovicz, Jason Middlebrook, Martina Angela Müller, George Quasha, Patrick Stolfo, Thorn Zay

This show draws together a selection of contemporary sculptures inspired by the transcendent power of elemental processes in nature and their gestural manifestations all around us, as well as inner processes of meditative investigations into the lawfulness of metamorphosis, of musical, planetary and cosmic influences as they play out in life on this earth. At the core of the creative process of these sculptures is the response by the artists to mighty displays of forces active in the geological, plant and fluid atmospheric world as well as reverberations of inner movements, contemplative journeys and how they are expressed in form. The viewer will encounter metamorphic sequences, the musical undulations of lines and shapes, the juxtaposition of the organic versus geometry, questioning, cautiously approaching form scripts of a search for the divine.

All sculptures in this exhibit were created over the course of the last thirty years, most however are more recent. Metal, wood, stone, clay and cardboard are the main materials used by the artists.