Michael Chekhov’s approach to acting

Oct 04, 2020


London, UK

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Artistic exploration of Michael Chekhov’s approach to acting & theatre

HOW CAN I BECOME A TRULY CREATIVE PERFORMING ARTIST?  These sessions aim to introduce participants to and deepen their understanding of the strongly creative and highly artistic techniques developed by Russian actor Michael Chekhov in the middle of the twentieth century. Their purpose is to inspire and empower actors for their future work. They have been growing in popularity since the 1990s.  Following the link for full details. The next workshop:

 Feelings: How do we awaken them?

Feelings are the most unreliable aspect of our creative selves: just when we think we have got an emotional handle on something, it slips away, as if vanishing into the mist. Chekhov offers some reliable and practical tools that give rise to authentic inner experiences in just the moment we need them.   For actors & performers  

Date / Time:  Sunday 04 October 2020 11am – 6pm   
Venue:  Rudolf Steiner House, London