Honeybees and the Heart of the Consciousness Soul, with Alex Tuchman (CfA Renewal Course)

Jul 04, 2021—Jul 09, 2021



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At Spikenard Farm Honeybee Sanctuary, we ask the honeybees, “How are you? What do you need? What ails thee?” In striving to listen and understand how the honeybees bring their wisdom to bear on these questions, the frontiers of the Consciousness Soul open up before us. Their wisdom is visibly manifest as they exemplify service of nature and a community of love. As Rudolf Steiner said in his lectures on Bees in 1923, “That which we experience within ourselves only at a time when our hearts develop love is actually the very same thing that is present as a substance in the entire beehive. The whole beehive is permeated with life based on love.” Join us as we explore the intricate and inspiring life of the honeybee colony from the perspectives of spiritual science and natural science, helping us to develop a deeper understanding of the honeybee as a true partner in human evolution and a great teacher in the age of the Consciousness Soul.

Alex Tuchman worked on several organic farms before beginning his agricultural career as the farm manager for the Loyola University Student Farm in his home-state of Illinois. After three years of building up the Student Farm and getting more connected with anthroposophy and the regional biodynamic community, Alex headed to Floyd, Virginia to work alongside Gunther Hauk and Vivian Struve-Hauk at Spikenard Farm Honeybee Sanctuary in the Spring of 2014. As the current Director of the Honeybee Sanctuary, Alex is responsible for the care and development of the landscape, the bees, the biodynamic work, the educational programs, as well as many other administrative and organizational tasks. He is an active member of the Agriculture Section of the Anthroposophical Society and regularly gives beekeeping, agriculture, and anthroposophically based workshops at Spikenard, as a guest teacher elsewhere, and hosts a webinar series in partnership with the Biodynamic Association.