Dialogue: The Four Phases of Group Decision-Making and the Practice of Deep Listening

Feb 12, 2021 10:30AM—Feb 13, 2021 12:00AM


ONLINE via Zoom- Eastern Time US

Cost $150

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Part of a workshop series on Mindsets, Concepts, and Core Skills of Effective Collaborative Leadership presented by Sunbridge Institute for Waldorf administrators, Board members, faculty, and staff, plus those with decision-making responsibilities in other organizational and business settings.

Providing the ability to look critically at oneself and at one’s organization, dialogue is a mindset that lies at the very heart of the collaborative leadership process. As the method by which we create real engagement and transparency, and an essential element in building and maintaining trust, dialogue requires honest, non-violent interaction; appreciation and respect for differences; the ability to reflect; commitment to one another; and commitment to fulfilling shared purposes and goals.

By exploring the practice of deep listening, and utilizing these four phases of group decision-making:

Warming Up and Planning
Exploration / Picture-Building
Creating Options and Coming to a Judgment / Conclusion
Making a Decision (Followed by Implementation and Review)

this workshop provides an opportunity to understand—and learn how to employ—dialogue as an essential mindset and skill that enables us to arrive at sustainable, equitable, and courageous decisions.

With facilitators Jessica Heffernan Ziegler, executive director of Sunbridge Institute, and Joachim Ziegler, PhD, organizational development consultant