Center for Anthroposophy Explorations Online

Sep 25, 2020—Sep 26, 2020



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Building professional learning communities to serve our children!
“Service is reciprocal. By living for each other, we create ourselves.” 
(From The Seventh Shrine by Orland Bishop)
Please join us every other Friday from September 12
for a series of inspiring, low cost, and easily accessible workshops on:
Stress, Meditation, and Self-Development, with Bev Boyer/Torin Finser, speech with Debbie Spitulnik
The Role of Parents in a Waldorf School, with Torin Finser, guest parents and teachers, eurythmy with Carla Comey
Meeting the Social and Emotional Needs of Children Today, with Julia King and Karine Munk Finser, pastels with KMF
Phenomenology: Learning to See with Beginner’s Eyes:  Study and Visual Arts, with Colleen O’Connors
Healing the Hurt: Learning to Support Each Other as Advocates for Social Justice, with Linda Williams,  singing with Meg Chittenden
Practical Thinking and the Rightful Place of Technology, with Douglas Gerwin, eurythmy with Carla Comey
Temperaments and Learning Styles: Movement and Study, with Carla Comey
Overview of the Waldorf Grades Curriculum: A Renewed Pedagogy for Our Time, with Alison Henry and Angela Lindstrom, speech with Debbie Spitulnik
Innovation: Realizing Needed Personal, Organizational and Financial Changes, with Torin Finser and guest presenters, singing with Meg Chittenden